Welcome to our new Free Cancer Support Pilot.

This is an 8 week long pilot to test a new retail support programme that will give access to our cancer and carer support to anyone in the UK:

  • the pilot is offering 8 weeks of bespoke support
  • assigning a dedicated Case Manager through your entire journey
  • providing access to a qualified Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • working towards your goals and life after cancer
  • giving you a helping hand with everyday life
  • sharing trusted resources and local services
  • coordinating appointments and explaining your options
  • listening when you’ve had a tough day

Our pilot will be offered to a limited number of individuals diagnosed with cancer and those who are caring for someone with cancer and are looking for extra support and assistance. This is an exciting opportunity for those who are eligible and accepted in to the pilot to participate. Those selected will have access to all our usual cancer support services across financial support, emotional, Cancer Nurse support and a host of other areas.

If you are interested in participating or would like to know more please take a look at our Reframe Cancer Support Trial downloadable flyer, where you will find more information, and a link to the application survey.

If you would like to apply now please click here to go directly to our application survey.

NB: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to enrol all candidates who apply as they will need to match the criteria and we have limited spaces. If you are happy to enrol and participate please feel free to use the link above.

If you are having any issues accessing the questionnaire link, please contact us at support@reframe.co.uk .

We will be signing a services agreement with all successful candidates to make them aware of limitations and terms. Once an individual has been accepted, the relationship will remain between the individual and Reframe for confidentiality purposes.