Impact of caring on mental wellbeing

Lockdown, isolation and remote working are all factors impacting mental wellbeing at the moment. But what if you are also an unpaid carer? Since lockdown began, the number of people combatting feelings of loneliness has more than doubled to 24%, but just how far will this new dawn of pandemic and remote working affect the mental wellbeing […]

Dealing with bereavement at work

Talking about death is still an uncomfortable discussion, especially in the workplace. Read our article detailing how you can break this process down into steps and provide support for your employees. Bereavement. Passed away. Deceased. No longer with us. All of these are terms often used to refer to death and there’s a whole ream […]

Protecting mental wellbeing amidst Covid 19

Advice and tips for supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing during Coronavirus (COVID 19). For those who have been able to switch to remote working, you’re now approaching week 3 and are firmly in the normalising stage. It’s great that we don’t miss our daily commute anymore but it’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day. Yes, […]

Supporting employees through COVID-19

A guide on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cycle businesses will go through to develop a new way of working and tips on supporting employees who are living with critical illness or caring for a dependent. How we work has changed — quickly and intensely The past year has seen a seismic change in how organisations, employees […]

We’re here to help you through this.

This past week has been one of change and uncertainty with COVID-19 continuing to bring anxiety and disruption across the UK. The workplace is seeing a monumental shift in how our people and business infrastructure adapt to this changing environment and establish new ways of working. We want to reassure you that at Reframe, while […]


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