We help organisations and their people perform at their best

Reframe offers proactive and ongoing support to people facing or caring for someone during a significant health or life event. We help employers, employee benefits consultants, insurance providers and other organisations to develop a more resilient workforce, improve their talent proposition and build business advantage.

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Deliver a differentiated employee value proposition

  • Boost workforce motivation and productivity
  • Create a resilient and forward-thinking culture
  • Reduce staff turnover and sickness absence

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Insurance providers

Enhance proposition and create competitive advantage

  • Deliver a high performing and profitable portfolio
  • Grow and protect customer base
  • Demonstrate value beyond a claim or premium

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Our partners

Employee benefits consultants

We partner with employee benefit consultants, such as Heads of Health & Benefits and Chief Broking Officers, to structure benefit packages that help organisations respond and recover from some of the biggest health challenges facing them. We also work with Client Directors and consultants to effectively deliver these benefits to their employees.

Strengthen offering and reinforce long-term value

  • Increase benefit engagement and utilisation
  • Accelerate new business revenue and client growth
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a modern workforce

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Healthcare providers

We are developing new partnerships in both the private and public sector to reduce the burden placed on frontline staff, and provide valuable support and information for patients.

  • Improve the patient experience
  • Increase capacity and enhance efficiencies
  • Deliver individualised support for patient


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