Protect and empower your people when they need it most

Present a more authentic and differentiated employee value proposition with our unrivalled services. We help leading organisations attract, protect and retain valuable talent by delivering proactive and ongoing support for unexpected and life-changing health events.

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Your business benefits
  • Present a differentiated employee value proposition
  • Boost employee motivation and productivity
  • Reduced staff absences and turnover
  • Build a resilient and forward-thinking culture
  • Reduce the burden often placed on HR and line managers
  • Achieve a quantifiable return on investment

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Deliver innovative health and wellbeing services for today’s workforce

Protecting people when they need it most is a key part of any employee value proposition. Organisations committed to this recognise the importance of providing employees with the right support at the right time — minimising the impact on their bottom line.

A health event can disrupt employee performance and quality of life. We help employers build resilience and create a forward-thinking culture by providing proactive and ongoing support to employees when they need it most. Our experts listen out for and pre-empt challenges that employees may face to reduce the impact on their work and life goals.

We’re also on hand to help coordinate and connect employees to the resources they need, including employee benefits and insurance policies.

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Traditional benefits no longer meet employee health demands

An ageing workforce with diverse and evolving health needs (such as coronavirus) requires a flexible approach that focuses on the needs of the individual. We understand the demands of a modern workplace and will work with you to develop a bespoke and holistic service that meets the health and wellbeing challenges facing today’s workforce.

For instance, an employee having their gallbladder removed as a result of painful gallstones may need practical support with arranging appointments, transport or childcare. They could recover within two weeks, but in some cases,recovery can take up to 8 weeks depending on the type of surgery. With our service, they would also get ongoing practical and emotional support to help them through their recovery phase, such as dietary advice moving forward, through to successfully returning to work.

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Transform how you care for your most valuable people

>We offer a multi-dimensional, inclusive and hyperpersonal employee benefits scheme that enables organisations to transform the way they care for their people. We partner with some of the most prominent organisations and healthcare providers in the country — with over 880,000 employees having access to our support.

We combine our extensive healthcare expertise with a deep understanding of the realities of life-changing illnesses and events. Our team will provide the knowledge and resources your HR team and line managers need to handle sensitive situations with confidence – empowering them to give the right support at the right time.

Our services can easily wrap around your existing employee benefits package to give you real peace of mind. We ensure your employee’s access and utilise the resources they have available — both at work and in their personal lives — by coordinating and connecting them to existing benefits and workplace policies.

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Attract and retain talented people, promote growth and maximise profit

From tech giants and professional service firms to utility companies and insurers, Reframe helps hundreds of organisations build a more resilient workforce, improve their talent proposition and gain business advantage.

Leading organisations recognise the connection between talent proposition and profitability. By protecting and supporting your employees with life-changing health events, you can reap the rewards of reduced staff turnover, a motivated workforce, increased productivity and enhanced engagement.

Reframe enables you to strengthen your employee value proposition by offering unique benefits that drive loyalty and attract valuable talent. Businesses that invest in their employee value proposition have reported a decrease in annual staff turnover of 69%.

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