Deliver a critical care strategy that’s right for your employees

There is a significant chance that some of your employees will be faced with cancer, if not directly, through their partner, a parent or even their child. We help employers to manage cancer in the workplace, by providing clinical, practical and emotional support to employees.

It’s important that if the worst happens, they can get the right support at the right time. Whether that is having someone at the end of the phone, booking a second opinion, or even help with getting on top of their finances. The small things can make a big difference.

Our services

Critical Support Programme

A comprehensive service for people with an ongoing and significant health condition such as cancer, musculoskeletal disorder, stress and anxiety or cardiovascular disease.

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Urgent Support Programme

A short-term service for people facing a severe and sudden illness, planned medical procedure accident or any kind of health emergency.

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Covid-19 Support Programme

A timely service for people whose wellness has been affected by coronavirus (Covid-19).

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Carer Support Programme

A unique service for people who find themselves holding significant responsibility for the care of another, such as a family member.

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“I didn’t expect to receive a paid-service like this from employer and being able to run my questions and worries past Suzanne filled me with confidence and that I wasn’t being silly”

Emma from the Royal College of Nursing

*Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent Emma.



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