Proactive, ongoing and hyper-personalised support

We leverage technology, data and extensive expertise to deliver support to people facing, or caring for someone, during an unexpected or life-changing health event, for example:

  • A long-term illness
  • A planned medical procedure
  • Managing ongoing symptoms or anxiety
  • Recovering from a procedure or operation
  • Ad-hoc or ongoing caring responsibilities
Critical Support Programme

A comprehensive support service for people with an ongoing and significant health condition such as cancer, musculoskeletal disorder, cardiovascular disease, or stress and anxiety. Our highly trained and experienced team provides support from diagnosis, through to recovery.

Our priority is on saving time, reducing uncertainty and empowering individuals to move forward with their condition where possible.

Urgent Support Programme

A short-term service for people facing a severe and sudden illness, planned medical procedure, an accident or unforeseen health emergency. Our team offers immediate assistance to individuals, helping to expedite urgent care, supporting recovery and empowering them to cope with long-lasting impacts on wellness – enabling them to transition back into their work and home life as best, and as quickly, as they can.

Covid-19 Support Programme

A timely service for people whose wellness has been affected by Covid-19, such as heightened stress and anxiety or awaiting elective surgery. Our team is on hand to build their resilience by providing short-term support to help them regain control and maintain their wellness.

Carer Support Programme

A carefully developed service for people who find themselves bearing significant responsibility for the care of another. Many of our team are carers who understand the physical, practical and mental strain of providing round-the-clock care. We help carers better understand how to support their dependant and accelerate access to sources of support, to help carers manage their commitment while preserving their very own wellbeing.


Our approach

Our unique approach empowers people to regain control and improve wellness.

With the individual at the centre of everything that matters to them, we tailor our role as a supporter, coach and connector, to provide the right support at the right time. 

Delivering improved personal outcomes for individuals by ensuring the right balance of their needs are met and maintained. 

Our Resilience Framework

Our Resilience Framework enables us to help individuals build and maintain the resilience they need to cope better with their situation, pre-empt challenges and move forward with confidence. It’s designed to ensure the right support is provided to each wellbeing need at the right time:

Social & environmental wellbeing

A sense of support and belonging from family, friends, professional relationships, communities and faith.

Physical & financial wellbeing

The strength, endurance and flexibility to function in life and sustain the home-life.

Cultural & emotional wellbeing

Individual identity, beliefs and the mindset to adapt and cope in life.


Bridget Jones meets cancer

“I didn’t expect to receive a paid-service like this from employer and being able to run my questions and worries past my Reframe team filled me with confidence and that I wasn’t being silly. The ongoing support helped me remain optimistic and achieve my goals at my own pace, exceeding all my expectations”

Emma, The Royal College of Nursing


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