Minimise disruption & financial risk

Absenteeism and presenteeism are challenging and complex issues – affecting staff morale, productivity and ultimately, an organisation’s bottom line. So when employees are diagnosed with life-changing illness, providing valuable support becomes even more crucial for both employee and employer.

It helps people manage illness better and can be the difference between an employee being long-term absence or having the confidence and ability to remain at work.

Take care of the individuals and the organisation looks after itself

Traditional health insurance simply isn’t designed or equipped to cope with the implications of growing levels of critical and chronic illness.

As an employer, you can help ease the strain on your employees so they are able to remain productive at work, can continue with their normal responsibilities and still feel like a valued employee. By taking steps to keep people working as long as possible and supporting them back to work sooner – your organisation will save money and have a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

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Personal needs need personalised responses

We provide a targeted, intelligent approach to managing the risks, costs and uncertainty arising from absenteeism and presenteeism. When one of your employees is facing chronic or critical illness – whether directly or caring for a loved one – we undertake an individual needs assessment and create a care plan that helps them stay in work for as long as possible. And if they need time off, we provide personalised support that gets them back in control.

From helping them access the best expertise available, to minimising the mental burden of their diagnosis and care, to organising practical help for small things you wouldn’t think of – like getting help around the house – we consider all aspects of the individual’s life to address their specific needs and minimise disruption to them and to your organisation.

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Cancer support programme

Complex diseases like cancer demand a nuanced and personalised response. We’re here to put people back in control – connecting them to the best expertise available and clarifying diagnosis and treatment options.

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Carer support programme

The life of a carer is a constant juggling act. Their needs are often forgotten. We help ease their burden – putting a programme in place so they can continue to work, preserve their health, and act as a second pair of hands for their day-to-day responsibilities.

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