Our mission is to transform individuals’ experience of healthcare by delivering support that is proactive, connected and hyperpersonal. We’re using advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver greatly enhanced healthcare experiences to more people in more places around the world.



Introducing Alix. Digital health personified.

Alix is a unique technology platform that enables the provision of connected, hyperpersonalised health and wellbeing services in a way that completely transforms the individual’s holistic experience.

Alix is the backbone that connects, strengthens, deploys and accelerates all the many and varied services that need to come together in the right order to deliver the best possible individual experience and outcomes for Reframe’s clients. Alix does this by enabling the secure connection of diverse cloud-based services that normally exist separately.

For the individual, the Alix-powered benefits of connected healthcare are important and obvious. For corporate and industry in general, Alix offers a whole new level of opportunity.

Alix. Digital health Platform

An important step forward in connected healthcare

Most organisations use cloud-based customer-facing systems to manage their customer relationships. In healthcare and many other industries, these systems are rarely connected to all the other elements of service delivery that are required to create a holistic positive experience for the end user.

The result is that important enabling systems (e.g. operational, HR, financial platforms and services) remain as remote islands of data that simply cannot be connected on behalf of the individual when their need for a personalised, stress-free experience is at its greatest.

Alix is a powerful and entirely unique solution to this problem.

An enhanced experience for the individual

  • Driven by personal context and needs
  • The right expertise and advice
  • The right services
  • Delivered at the right times
  • In the right way, via preferred devices or channels
  • Managed harmoniously, in the right order
  • With maximum standards of personal privacy and data protection
  • Driving confidence, building a positive experience
  • Enabling better individual outcomes

The advantage for businesses

An Alix log-in provides Reframe customers with all the real-time workforce status and information they need on the wellbeing of their organisation.

Employers can understand and engage with the status of employee care, services deployed, recuperation and all the aspects of back to work planning in order to know their people are getting the best possible support.

The platform displays customer experience scores at every stage of the journey and provides clear ROI metrics to track the value of the Reframe partnership.

The Alix employer hub launches in 2021.

A major opportunity for insurers

Rapidly evolving customer demands and the nature of risk present insurers with key challenges. Alix’s hyperpersonalised approach addresses these head-on.

  • A clear view of dynamic pathways will provide the data required for products and services to be continually optimised
  • The population-level data generated will lead to improved risk and underwriting models
  • The improved levels of customer engagement that Alix provides will lead to better customer retention rates
Alix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver outstanding individual customer experiences.
Discover how Alix can benefit your business.


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