Belinda, from West London, received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis in September 2017

As a busy mother of two children, with a husband, lots of laundry to do and a full-time job with BT as a Programme Manager, Belinda’s strategy was to keep life as normal as possible.

Throughout her treatment which included a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiation therapy, Belinda continued working. She took off a week when she was having chemotherapy because, she says, “she felt so bad.” But other than that, she juggled her day to day life with a roster of appointments, information and hospital.

During these times Belinda credits her Case Manager, Lorraine, with being an essential support throughout. Belinda says; “the best thing about Reframe was having someone to moan to!” Belinda didn’t want to upset her family and so used us as a crutch for all of her worries and issues. In a supportive environment Belinda placed most value on having someone there to listen, and someone to speak to in a warm, informed and confidential setting.

Sometimes all that is needed to make a big impact in someone’s life is a listening ear. An informed and caring individual who is separate from family and work, and who can give objective, knowledgeable input.

“Lorraine was excellent. She is always ready to help and support and most importantly listen to me. She is probably the only person I can speak openly to. She has supported me in so many ways from booking ear acupuncture classes, to advising me if I should see a doctor due to my sleep issues”

During treatment, Belinda wanted to further her interest in yoga and Pilates. Her support team at Reframe has been able to source relevant local yogis, classes and workshops for Belinda to consider. We see this is as an important forward-thinking step in Belinda’s overall wellbeing.

What’s next for Belinda? If and when her busy life as a working mum permits, she has plans to fully resume her mixed martial arts training to ultimately work up to black belt.

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