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Appointments with clinicians would leave me overwhelmed by all the information regarding my treatment and recovery plan. I wasn’t sure what was the best option for me. It was from this point on, where I began to lean on Reframe.

Having the opportunity to regularly speak to a nurse specialist was just what I needed. Someone at my side to simplify the information, advise me on my recovery options and help me to see things in a different perspective.

Following my treatment, I found myself needing the toilet more frequently and often had to explain my situation to complete strangers. I could no longer be spontaneous and had to plan ahead for facilities. Fortunately, Reframe proactively sourced a radar key so I could access public toilets immediately and reassured me to take back control. This was one of the biggest impacts that they had on my recovery. It made a real difference to me and helped me to continue living my life as I did before. I was more confident to go out in public knowing that I had a solution should I need one.

They reminded me that I should come first and that I’m not alone. The on-going support and guidance has ensured that my recovery plan focuses on my personal goals. I am in a much better place thanks to the support team at Reframe.

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