Nurturing a positive workplace culture

A culture that cares can be the difference between a good company and a great one.

The modern workplace needs to reflect the faster pace of modern life, setting the bar higher for employment standards, providing better work-life balance and flexibility when your staff need it most.

Creating a more modern workplace

As society becomes ever more connected – the lines between work and home life are increasingly blurred. Organisations have a growing duty of care to their employees.

It goes beyond just paying people more or being a more interesting organisation to work for. They face a growing need to be proactive and flexible with their workplace cultures.

To create the very best workplace culture, organisations today need to consider the wider aspects of an employee’s life, providing new levels of support to help their people through the toughest of times when they arise.

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Transforming how you care for your people

We help you create a workplace culture of care and support. We offer transformational clinical support that helps people facing life-changing illness. And we provide the practical and emotional support that will help them regain and retain control of their lives and get them back to normality faster.

Our services help you be proactive in response to your employees most critical needs, providing the highest level of support and employment standards possible. By reframing your healthcare benefits, we make your people feel valued and cared for – ensuring you’re there for employees exactly when they need it most.

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Cancer support programme

Complex diseases like cancer demand a nuanced and personalised response. We’re here to put people back in control – connecting them to the best expertise available and clarifying diagnosis and treatment options.

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Carer support programme

The life of a carer is a constant juggling act. Their needs are often forgotten. We help ease their burden – putting a programme in place so they can continue to work, preserve their health, and act as a second pair of hands for their day-to-day responsibilities.

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“I didn’t expect to receive a paid-service like this from employer and being able to run my questions and worries past Suzanne filled me with confidence and that I wasn’t being silly”

Emma from the Royal College of Nursing

*Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent Emma.


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