Protect the productivity of your business

Over 120,000 employees are diagnosed with cancer every year, so it’s likely that your organisation could be faced with supporting employees with cancer or caring for a someone with a diagnosis.

During these times they could be feeling anxious about their situation, dealing with side effects from treatment or stressed about juggling work and care. So when it comes to their productiveness at work, you may notice a decline in output and rise in absence.

By having a better grasp on how this could impact your business and the team, you could save on both direct and indirect costs which could substantially impact your bottom line and company morale.

In this whitepaper, we discuss:

  • The impact of cancer on employee's performance and engagement
  • Uncover the hidden cost of cancer in the workplace
  • The direct and indirect costs of an employee on long-term absence
  • Preparing your business in the case of chronic illness