We offer hyperpersonal healthcare solutions to help leading organisations develop a more resilient workforce, improve their talent proposition and build business advantage.

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Transforming people's experience of healthcare

880,000 lives protected
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  • Present a more authentic and differentiated employee value proposition
  • Deliver a motivated and productive workforce
  • Minimise the impact of ill health on profit and growth
  • Create a resilient and forward-thinking culture


  • Gain a competitive advantage and increase your market share
  • Strengthen and differentiate your protection proposition
  • Enhance your business’ reputation
  • Attract new customers and add value for existing policyholders


  • Strengthen your offering and increase market share
  • Help your clients respond and recover faster from significant health events
  • Create a flexible offer that meets the health needs of a modern workplace
  • Reinforce your reputation as a trusted consultant

Our services

We deliver hyperpersonal, proactive and ongoing support to individuals facing or caring for someone during an unexpected or life-changing health event.

employee benefits

Critical Support Programme

Comprehensive support for people with an ongoing and significant health condition such as cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, stress and anxiety or cardiovascular disease.

urgent support programme

Urgent Support Programme

A short-term service for people facing a severe and sudden illness, planned medical procedure, accident or any kind of health emergency.

carer support programme

Carer Support Programme

A programme to support and help build the resilience of people who find themselves holding significant responsibility for the care of another.

covid 19 employee support

COVID-19 Support Programme

A unique service for people whose wellness has been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our story

Our roots lie in cancer support. Complex diseases like cancer demand a nuanced and hyperpersonalised response. We’ve built on our experience and success in cancer, to support people living with, or caring for someone, with an unexpected or life-changing health event.

We are shifting the perspective from simply providing care, to sustaining overall health and wellbeing. And finding solutions to some of the biggest challenges in healthcare – as individuals and families, as employers and society.

About Us

“I believe Reframe has definitely filled an important gap in the market with regards to their cancer offering. They provide comfort and reassurance, both practically and emotionally.”

Mark Fowkes, Reward Business Partner at the Rugby Football Union


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