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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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Business Support
For Employers

For Employers

For Insurers

For Insurers

For Brokers

For Brokers

For SME’s

For SME’s

For EAPs

For EAPs

Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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Business Resources
Free Resources

Free Resources

Training Webinars

Training Webinars

Guide: Supporting Employees Through Cancer

Guide: Supporting employees through cancer

Webinar: Breaking The Silence

Webinar: Breaking the silence

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Leading cancer support for businesses

Supporting your people, aiming to achieve better outcomes and faster access to care for cancer patients. Helping businesses meet their legal responsibilities and navigate cancer sensitively.

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Free Guide
Supporting employees through cancer

Practical guidance to create an inclusive workplace for cancer patients

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Reframing Cancer in the workplace training webinars

View our upcoming schedule of training events to learn more about cancer and how you can create a cancer-inclusive workplace

What we do

Led by Cancer Nurse Specialists, we provide specialist advice and guidance to businesses to help
you navigate cancer ethically, sensitively, and proactively.


87% of people say it’s important to continue working


5-year cancer survival rate is 4x higher when cancer is detected before it has spread
(Cancer Research UK)


40% of cancer cases can be prevented through lifestyle changes 
(British Journal of Cancer)

Leading support for working through cancer

With the right support, many people choose to continue working through cancer. We uniquely support people at all stages of the cancer pathway – from pre-diagnosis to post-treatment – aiming to achieve better outcomes and help people continue working.

Effective return to work support after cancer

We support with effective return to work planning after cancer treatment – helping employers and employees. Targeted, structured return to work programmes have been shown to improve rates of cancer survivors returning to work.

Over 1/3 of cancer cases are preventable

If your employees know the lifestyle changes 
that can reduce cancer risk and are aware of the signs of cancer to be able to catch it earlier – this will reduce the impact of cancer on your people.

Supporting through the entire cancer pathway

Click on each icon to reveal how Reframe can support at every step of the cancer pathway.

Our services

We offer flexible cancer support benefits tailored to the needs of your business.

Support plans

  • Comprehensive support plans

    our plans adapt to your workforce's needs, so you can offer this crucial service to all your colleagues impacted by cancer

  • Flexible, individualised support
    our short and long-term plans make our support affordable for any business

For SMEs

Support for SME's

Our plan for SME's makes offering cancer support in your workplace affordable.

Flexible access to support

From cancer information to Cancer Nurse-led support services, you can adapt the level of support you need to affordability and your workforce's needs.

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