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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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For Employers

For Employers

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For Insurers

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For Brokers

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For SME’s

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For EAPs

Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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Business Resources
Free Resources

Free Resources

Training Webinars

Training Webinars

Guide: Supporting Employees Through Cancer

Guide: Supporting employees through cancer

Webinar: Breaking The Silence

Webinar: Breaking the silence

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Cancer support for employers

Ongoing support for your business and people - experts on hand to help you meet your legal responsibilities, navigate cancer sensitively and deliver comprehensive patient care to enhance your wellbeing package.

Helping employers navigate cancer

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87% of people say it’s important to continue working


of people with cancer are afraid to tell their employers
(Working with Cancer Pledge)2


people of working age are living with cancer 
(Working with Cancer)3

How we support your business and your people

  • Your people
  • Employers

We support your people

Providing cancer information, emotional, and practical support at all stages of the cancer pathway – for people with cancer or caring for a loved one.

  • Chasing appointments and reports
  • Attending to any questions or concerns about a diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan or follow up care
  • Navigating NHS cancer care, so patients understand their options
  • Helping people explore private healthcare options
  • Supporting people emotionally
  • Providing clinically verified information on symptoms and side effects
  • Helping people return to work or continue working through cancer
  • Offering a virtual concierge service to assist with day-to-day tasks and managing appointments

We support employers

Specialist advice and guidance for HR and line managers to support people at work.

  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • Return to work planning
  • Explaining cancer and the Equality Act
  • Raising awareness of cancer symptoms
  • Raising awareness of the lifestyle changes that can reduce cancer risk
  • Breaking the cancer taboo
  • Having sensitive conversations
  • Understanding how cancer can impact someone at work
  • Helping you review your policies
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Cancer involves a lot more than going to hospital for treatment.

We uniquely support people by offering clinically verified information, and emotional, financial and practical assistance throughout the entire cancer pathway - from pre-diagnosis to post-cancer treatment.

We help people at every step of the way, in every aspect of life that cancer impacts. We aim to help all our patients achieve better outcomes and feel empowered to make informed decisions about their care.

parent in headscarf and young child

People need help navigating a complex healthcare system.

The backlog in cancer care persists, with nearly 40% of patients exceeding NHS target wait times for first treatment after urgent GP referral. Death risk increases by approximately 10% with each 4-week delay in cancer treatment.

Our experienced Cancer Nurses expedite processes for patients to reduce delays and ease pressure. We aim to help all our patients get faster access to care using our experience of NHS and private medical care to help patients navigate the system quicker.

Faster access to diagnosis and treatment is crucial for better outcomes for patients. Employers can provide critical support to alleviate the impact on patients.

man at a hospital appointment

Individualised support for businesses and patients

Our support plans can include:

man working at a laptop taking notes
Access to Reframe's Cancer Information HubA searchable library of cancer information for patients, line managers and HR managers.
virtual video call with cancer nurse
Scheduled calls when needed

With a Cancer Nurse Specialist or Cancer Support Manager.

Reframe Cancer Nurse Specialist Rebecca
Dedicated support team

Assigned to each patient.

Man and woman at work
Specialised support on managing and returning to work

For working through cancer and returning after treatment.

man and woman looking at a laptop
Patient Portal

Access to our Patient Portal 24/7 for online cancer support.

woman on video call with cancer nurse
2 years of support per patient

Affordable, flexible support plans.

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patient testimonials

What our patients say

“As a patient undergoing treatment, you often don’t feel well enough to chase up the admin side of things such as appointments with hospitals and GPs. Having someone to do this on your behalf was very valuable.”
JonBowel Cancer Patient
"It has taken so much stress away from me to have someone chasing and arranging appointments."
Preeti*Cancer Patient
"It was great to have Suzanne to talk through medical queries with. It was really helpful to have her professional advice"
Rai*Cancer Patient
"They were very understanding, and we'd go through a wave of emotions. They were so empathetic, it felt at times that they just genuinely felt our pain. And then they always lifted us because they were very matter-of-fact, which is what friends and family aren't."
SallyFriend and Carer of Pleomorphic Sarcoma Patient
"Really glad to have had Rebecca present especially when I reacted badly to chemo tablets. Her advice and advocacy came at the right time and helped get an appointment with the oncologist quicker than if I'd done it myself." 
RobertCancer Patient
"The Reframe team saves you time and provides reassurance. It's like having a PA who supports you in chasing hospital appointments and follow-ups...You are paying that assistant to take care of things for you whether it is your treatment, your recovery, your appointments; the whole lot. That's how I explain it.”
JulianPleomorphic Sarcoma Patient
"One of the things that stuck with me was the offer of a second opinion - which turned out to be invaluable. Having Reframe source a second opinion changed the course of my treatment for the better.”
JonBowel Cancer Patient

Get support for your employees today

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*Whilst consent has been given to use patient testimonials, some names and images have been changed to protect identities.