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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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For Employers

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For Brokers

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For SME’s

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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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Free Resources

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Training Webinars

Report: Living & Working With Cancer

Report: Living and Working With Cancer

Webinar: Sensitive Conversations

Webinar: Sensitive Conversations

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We have spent over 10 years building exceptional support for employers and employees impacted by cancer

Our mission is to support as many people as possible through cancer

Our values

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We stay ahead of the curve, anticipating needs and actively seek solutions. By being proactive we can provide timely support and interventions that enhance the wellbeing and outcomes of those affected by cancer.

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We support people with empathy, kindness and understanding, recognising the unique emotional and physical struggles they face. We create a safe and supportive space where patients and their loved ones can express their concerns and fears.

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We empower people to make informed decisions, take control of their wellbeing and find strength in themselves. We empower patients to navigate their journey with confidence, promoting autonomy and self-advocacy.

What makes us different?

We specialise in providing workplace support for employers and employees impacted by cancer.

Our experience has identified the importance of addressing all aspects of care, at every stage of the cancer pathway.

We help employees balance a range of complex emotional, clinical, financial and practical issues at a time when they may feel overwhelmed.

Research shows that individuals who self-manage their situation also achieve the best possible outcomes and experience.

At Reframe we encourage resilience by clarifying options and giving more choice. We empower people to take control of their journey, and have support at every step.

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Who do we help?


Every patient has a dedicated expert by their side to ensure they find the right information, the right specialists and the right support at a time when they need it most.


Helping employers navigate cancer in the workplace is our specialty. We help employers to make their workplace fully supportive for their people going through a life changing diagnosis.

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Our history

Throughout our 10-year history, we've helped people through cancer by giving personalised, continuous support throughout the entire cancer pathway, and enabling employers to provide adjustments that help people to continue working, or return to work after cancer treatment.

Our Cancer Nurse Specialists and Cancer Support Managers advocate for patients, attending to their concerns and offering trusted information and guidance. 

Here's the story of how it all started, to where we are now.

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Over 10 years of exceptional support through cancer

  • 2012 | Reframe Cancer founded

    Reframe was founded to serve a gap in support around cancer treatment. We saw opportunity to provide much needed continuous, holistic support.
    Reframe Cancer (then known as Harley Street Concierge) initially helped people using private healthcare for their cancer treatment. Their dedicated Reframe Cancer Nurse Specialist was there every step and provided comprehensive support and information on alternate treatment paths, using our relationship with oncologists to arrange second opinions.
  • 2016 | Cancer support for employers

    Our heritage allowed us to expand and offer cancer support programmes for employers looking to better support their people through cancer. The programmes support both people living with cancer, and their loved ones. Today Reframe Cancer works with insurance, technology and software organisations covering over 1.1 million lives, to give their people access to specialist, holistic cancer support from Cancer Nurses and Cancer Support Managers.
  • 2022 | Personal, private cancer support

    The COVID-19 pandemic put immense pressure on the healthcare system, resulting in the post-covid cancer backlog. Missed and delayed diagnosis’ have left gaps in support – making more choice to access help even more crucial.

    In 2022, we launched personalised, private support for individuals so anyone going through cancer, or supporting a loved one through cancer can get help from our cancer experts. 

  • 2023 | Services for employers - from SMEs to large enterprises

    In 2023, we evolved our services to help employers of all sizes offer comprehensive cancer support to all employees. Creating affordable plans makes cancer support accessible to any sized business, enabling enhanced employee wellbeing benefits and increasing the availability of support. 

    Our service also acts as an affordable solution for employers without private medical insurance to provide expert NHS navigation through cancer.


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96% of calls answered within 30s*1

Why choose Reframe?

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We have supported employers and employees
through cancer for over 10 years.

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Expert navigation

We expertly navigate patients through the complexities of NHS and/or private cancer treatment.

Cancer Nurse Rebecca

Employees have their own dedicated Cancer Nurse, connecting all services they access, there for them at every step.

Support at every stage

We uniquely support people at every step of the cancer pathway - from pre-diagnosis to post-treatment. Whereas most other services only cover parts of the pathway.

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Trusted information

You won't have to spend time filtering through unreliable results from search engines. We do the research and verification, so you always access trusted, clinically verified information to help you better support employees.

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More than treatment

We focus on all areas of wellbeing, not just cancer treatment. We offer support in all aspects of life - clinical, practical, financial, and emotional.

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Equipping businesses with knowledge to navigate cancer. Supporting people living with cancer or caring for a loved one with cancer.

*1 Within Reframe opening hours