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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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For Employers

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For Brokers

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For SME’s

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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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Business Resources
Free Resources

Free Resources

Training Webinars

Training Webinars

Report: Living & Working With Cancer

Report: Living and Working With Cancer

Webinar: Sensitive Conversations

Webinar: Sensitive Conversations

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We support people at every stage of the cancer pathway

Led by Cancer Nurse Specialists, we provide guidance at every step of the way. From pre-diagnosis to post-treatment, find out how we help people to achieve better outcomes


Providing the information you need to make informed decisions about your health, aiming to lower your cancer risk.

"The information and resources I received from my team at Reframe were fantastic."

Colvin | Prostate Cancer Patient

  • Advising on lifestyle changes that can reduce cancer risk
cancer prevention lifestyle changes

Awareness and detection

Raising awareness of the symptoms to get checked and advising on screening to detect cancer - aiming to catch cancer earlier and achieve better outcomes.

  • Explaining how to check for signs of cancer
  • Providing information on screening programmes
  • Signposting to and arranging cancer screening and detection tests
  • Explaining hereditary risk factors for cancer
  • Providing verified information on common symptoms of cancer
cancer awareness and detection


Helping you access the care you need at the earliest possible sign to get faster access to care.

"It was great to have Suzanne to talk through medical queries with. It was really helpful to have her professional advice."

Rai* | Cancer Patient

  • Talking through concerns about symptoms
  • Providing verified information on cancer types and their symptoms
  • Encouraging GP visits when concerned about cancer symptoms
  • Arranging private appointments
  • Coping with symptoms - how to ease and manage
cancer symptoms

Speaking to a GP/clinician

We advocate for you, guiding you through what to say, and chase appointments and referrals on your behalf - aiming to make accessing care faster and easier.

"It's taken so much stress away from me to have someone chasing and arranging appointments."

Preeti* | Cancer Patient

  • Chasing appointments and referrals
  • Requesting updates from your GP/clinician
  • Providing information on what to ask at your GP appointments
  • Having a debrief with a nurse after your appointment, attending to your questions or concerns
  • Explaining next steps and what to expect
speaking to GP/clinician


Talking through your diagnosis at your pace, and guiding you through what to expect at appointments - helping provide reassurance and aiming to achieve better outcomes and faster access to care.

"The mental side of a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be just as challenging, if not more so than the physical side at times. As a patient, having someone to put your mind at rest is very important. I’ve had nothing but positivity from the Reframe team and they’ve always been on-hand to answer questions.”

Jon | Bowel Cancer Patient

  • Providing information on what to ask at your appointments
  • Talking through your diagnosis/prognosis, at your pace
  • Helping you understand medical terminology
  • Providing verified information on cancer type and stage/grade
  • Chasing appointments and reports
  • Collecting medical records for insurance claims or private medical referrals
  • Supporting you with talking to friends and family
  • Helping you speak to your employer
  • Talking about feelings and emotions about your diagnosis
cancer diagnosis

Deciding treatment

We provide information to help you make informed decisions about your care, and help you explore treatment options - aiming to achieve the best possible outcome.

“Having Suzanne for the second opinion was invaluable. She obviously has lots of experience and knowledge and she asked questions that as a patient you perhaps wouldn’t even think of. It was also good to have prep calls with her beforehand so that I knew what to expect. Then after the call, there were numerous things I needed to clarify and Suzanne could do this, putting my mind at rest.”

Jon | Bowel Cancer Patient

  • Explaining options for care
  • Arranging second opinions
  • Helping you understand medical terminology
  • Providing information on what to ask at your appointments
  • Talking through your diagnosis and/or prognosis, at your pace
  • Providing verified information on treatment options
  • Providing clinical trial information
deciding cancer treatment

Having treatment

We're by your side through treatment, providing reassurance at every step, being the expert on hand to attend to your questions and helping you manage side effects.

"Really glad to have had Rebecca present especially when I reacted badly to chemo tablets. Her advice and advocacy came at the right time and helped get an appointment with the oncologist quicker than if I'd done it myself"

Robert* | Cancer Patient

  • Talking about feelings and emotions leading up to and after appointments
  • Providing information on coping with and easing side effects
  • Signposting to complementary therapies
  • Providing clinical trial information
  • Listening and attending to your needs at your pace
  • Helping with day-to-day tasks to ease any burdens
having cancer treatment

Follow up care after treatment

You may have difficult emotions resurfacing when going to follow up appointments - you don't have to go through this alone.

“Out of the blue I received a letter detailing a new scan that I was required to have. This one wasn’t on the list so I was immediately concerned that something had been picked up in the other scans, the results of which I hadn’t received at this time. I tried calling the hospital but couldn’t immediately get the reassurance I needed and so I called Suzanne at Reframe. She immediately put my mind at ease and provided other perspectives on why they might want to see me and suggested that she would call the hospital and clarify this herself.”

Emma | Breast Cancer Patient

  • Talking about feelings and emotions leading up to follow up care appointments
  • Explaining medical terminology
  • Providing information on what to expect from your appointment
  • Providing information on questions to ask at your appointment
  • Chasing appointments and results
follow up care

Life beyond cancer

We're here to help you achieve your goals - aiming to help you return to work sooner and manage side effects better.

"They helped me return to work at my own pace and sourced me with a universal toilet card and radar key. All of which enabled me to continue working, travelling and attending business meetings with confidence."

Colvin | Prostate Cancer Patient

  • Supporting you with returning to work
  • Helping you manage and ease long-term side effects
  • Advising on speaking to your employer about adjustments at work
  • Advising on physical and mental wellbeing

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Equipping businesses with knowledge to navigate cancer. Supporting people living with cancer or caring for a loved one with cancer.