Our mission

Transforming individuals’ experience of healthcare by delivering support that is proactive, connected, and above all, hyperpersonal.

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Reframe Digital Health Alix
Our technology

Reframe leverages advanced technologies, data and extensive expertise to deliver hyperpersonalised care and an enhanced client experience. Alix, our unique technology platform, enables the secure connection of diverse cloud-based services on behalf of the individual, providing them with greater insights and access to everything they need in one place.

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Reframe Digital Health Approach
Our approach

Our hyperpersonal approach enables us to adapt our support in real time and anticipate additional services that may be needed based on individual circumstances.

Our programmes are tailored for each individual based on building a deep understanding of their needs and creating a personalised support plan to achieve their goals. Delivered by a dedicated support team whose priorities are to fulfill their holistic needs, build their resilience and improve their wellbeing.

Our services

Our community

880,000 individuals have access to our support
500+ top UK companies
500+ nationwide clinicians

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Our people

Catherine McDermott Reframe CEO
Catherine McDermott, CEO

Mike Kennedy Reframe chair of the board & non-executive director
Mike Kennedy, Chair of the Board & Non-Executive Director

Dan McGraw, Reframe CCO
Dan McGraw, CCO

Andrew Gueterbock, Reframe COO
Andrew Gueterbock, COO

Dame Ann Gloag DBE, Reframe Founder and Non-Executive Director
Dame Ann Gloag DBE, Founder & Non-Executive Director

Paul Bishop, Reframe CTO
Paul Bishop, CTO

Pauline Bradley, Reframe Non-Executive Director
Pauline Bradley, Non-Executive Director

Our story

Our roots lie in cancer support. Complex diseases like cancer demand a nuanced and hyperpersonalised response. We’ve built on our experience and success in cancer, to support people living with, or caring for someone, with an unexpected or life-changing health event.

We are shifting the perspective from simply providing care, to sustaining overall health and wellbeing. And finding solutions to some of the biggest challenges in healthcare – as individuals and families, as employers and society.

Our values

digital health technology

We give people the tools they need to keep them moving forward.

digital healthcare

However bad the situation, we deliver a source of hope.

employee wellness

Pioneering positive ways of working, we transform people’s experience of critical illness.

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