The healthcare system can be complex and confusing. When time is of the essence, figuring out how to get support can be overwhelming.

One in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. A diagnosis doesn’t only affect the individual. It reaches deep into the lives of those looking after them too. But with the right advice and support individuals can more effectively work through their journey.

Businesses want to do the best for their people but they often lack the resources and expertise to help in the way they would like to. That’s where the team at Reframe can help.

Our values

Reframe practical value

We place our clients at the heart of our service, giving them the skills, confidence and tools they need to make the right decisions about their journey. We are there to provide an extra helping hand in times of need.

Reframe positive value

We act as a source of support and hope, guiding our clients as they work through their journey. We fight their corner, leaving no stone unturned, and uplifting them even in dark times.

Reframe progressive value

We stand up for what’s right, championing the needs of our clients. We use advanced technologies to connect and accelerate access to support, and deliver a greatly enhanced healthcare experience.

What makes us different?

Cancer care in general tends to concentrate on clinical treatment. Our service is different. 

Our experience as leaders in cancer support has identified the importance of addressing all aspects of care. We help individuals balance a range of complex emotional, clinical, financial and practical issues at a time when they may feel overwhelmed.

Research shows that individuals who self-manage their situation also achieve the best possible outcomes and experience.

At Reframe we encourage resilience by clarifying options and giving more choice. We empower individuals to take control of their journey.

Who do we help?


Managing cancer in the workplace is our specialty. We support individuals who choose to stay at work and return to work quicker, minimising disruption and health related costs.


Every client has a Reframer by their side to ensure they find the right information, the right specialists and the right support at a time when they need it.

We make sure individuals are at the centre of their care and offer a holistic support system so they can focus on the future, whatever that may be. So when the worst happens, their world doesn’t have to stop.

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Our people

We are a team of highly experienced nurses, case managers, mental health first aiders, innovators and account managers. Working together Reframers make a powerful team to bring individuals the best possible outcomes and experience. That is why we are leading the way in cancer support.

Meet our team

Our leadership team

Catherine McDermott Reframe CEO
Catherine McDermott

Chief Executive

Leading Reframe will allow me to fully indulge my passion for making tech work better for healthcare as we issue in a new era of patient-centric, connected health services that will benefit companies and individuals alike.

Mike Kennedy Reframe chair of the board & non-executive director
Mike Kennedy

Chair of the Board & Non-Executive Director

My background expands across FMCG companies and venture capital. I am passionate about investing not only to do well, but to do good with a mission to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

Andrew Gueterbock, Reframe COO
Andrew Gueterbock

Chief Operating Officer

I bring over 25 years of operational experience in a variety of industries and more recently in regional and global leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry. I endeavour to inspire our operations team to deliver a market leading customer experience to our clients.

Linda McQuaid Clinical Director at Reframe
Linda McQuaid

Clinical Director

With an extensive background in children’s and adult nursing, I will be leading on clinical governance at Reframe and overseeing our client support team to ensure continuous service improvements.

Tim Warren Commercial Director at Reframe
Tim Warren

Commercial Director

Bringing 20 years of experience in global insurance, I’ve also worked in FTSE 100, as well as start-ups to define healthcare pathways and develop profitable product propositions. I joined Reframe in 2016 to scale our service platform, ensuring people have the information they need, in real time, at their fingertips.

Dame Ann Gloag DBE, Reframe Founder and Non-Executive Director
Dame Ann Gloag DBE

Founder & Non-Executive Director

I founded Reframe in 2012 to provide a basket of services and support that champion the individual needs and preferences of people affected by cancer.  Reframe sits at the junction of my twin passions of improving healthcare and supporting growth businesses.