Some of your employees will be faced with cancer.

If not directly, through their partner, a parent or even their child.

With the right support, many of our clients choose to work through their journey minimising time away from work. As a business, you want to do the best for your people but you might not always have the resources or expertise to help in the way you’d like.

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Employers often find it tough too. Knowing the right thing to say and do.

Doing the best for your people can significantly enhance your company’s reputation and employee engagement.

Knowing that you deliver the highest possible level of care for colleagues in need, provides reassurance and comfort across your workforce.

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Our services

cancer support programme

Cancer Support Programme

1 in 8 of us will be diagnosed before we retire

An ongoing service supporting people through every stage of their cancer journey, whether diagnosed, concerned about a symptom, or wanting someone by their side through treatment and beyond.

cancer carer programme

Carer Support Programme

1 in 7 of us provide some form of care around our work

A unique service helping to ease the burden of caring for a loved one, whether looking for information, wanting someone to talk to, or needing practical support with managing everything.

How does Reframe help?

We’ll provide training for HR teams, line managers and occupational health professionals to help them:

  • Understand the types of diagnoses and caring roles within your company
  • Handle initial conversations and keep an open dialogue
  • Make reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Manage return to work sensitively
  • Manage bereavement of a colleague or family member.
How do we help your people?

Why work with us?

We’ll provide insight and intelligence on the support your people need at each stage of their journey.

mitigate business risk

Mitigate business risk and reduce-health related costs by understanding and preparing for external factors that influence individuals’ outcomes.

reduce the cost

Reduce the cost of sickness absence and presenteeism by supporting your people if they choose to stay at work or return more  quickly.

increase benefit usage

Increase utilisation of employee benefits by understanding which benefits and services are used, at what point of the journey, and whether or not they are helpful.


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