Navigating a cancer journey involves a lot more than going to hospital for treatment.

It involves dealing with a range of complex issues at a time when people may feel overwhelmed.

Every client has their own Reframer by their side through the course of their journey. We tailor our role as supporter, coach and connector depending on what people need. We help them to balance and take control of day-to-day things.

Supporting people's entire wellbeing

Our experience has identified the importance a holistic and individualised approach plays in people achieving the best possible outcomes.

physical wellbeing


  • Physical health
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep

emotional wellbeing


  • Mental health
  • Self-image
  • Personal values
  • Religious beliefs

financial wellbeing


  • Income and savings
  • Home
  • Insurance policies
  • Employee benefits

social wellbeing


  • Friends and family
  • Hobbies
  • Daily routines
  • Lifestyle

professional wellbeing


  • Support network
  • Achievements
  • Aspirations
  • Personal development

Our support services

Cancer Support Programme

A bespoke service for people who are worried about a symptom, have been diagnosed or are in remission.

We work at our clients’ pace, whether they have questions or they just want to talk. We support our clients through every stage of their journey, being a source of hope and a helping hand when it’s needed.
Cancer care in general tends to focus on the clinical aspects of the journey. We support people more holistically by looking at the broader impact of cancer on their mind and body, their home life and their personal and professional goals too.

Carer Support Programme

A unique service for people who find themselves caring for a loved one. Whether they’re just ‘doing their bit’ to help or helping on a daily basis.

Most people won’t label themselves as a carer. It doesn’t matter how much support they give, we’ll be here to ease the burden if it’s having an impact on them.

Many of our team are carers themselves, so we understand the physical, practical and emotional strain of providing round-the-clock care.

While we help our clients better understand how to provide care and accelerate access to sources of support – our priority is them. We’ll identify the support they need to balance their caring commitments so they can better manage their situation.

How we help your people

We help people understand their options, give greater choice and empower them to self-manage their situation.

We treat our clients like the individuals they are:

  • Providing reassurance and hope
  • Accelerating access to support
  • Coordinating appointments and services
  • Helping them to make the most of their situation
  • Enhancing their experience of healthcare.

How does our support work?

get to know client
Getting to know our clients

Our client support navigators identify the initial support and information that an individual needs. An experienced case manager will then be assigned to them. This Reframer will be there throughout their journey to answer questions, coordinate services and point them in the right direction, including to HR teams and front-line staff.

arrange specialist support
Specialist care

We take care of the practical things, however small, such as arranging travel to appointments, helping with wig selection and finding help for around the house. Meanwhile our cancer nurse specialists are on hand for clinical matters such as discussing second opinions, managing side effects and reducing the risk of infection at work.

ongoing support
Ongoing support

Our bespoke support plan is available to those who want us by their side more regularly. We’ll understand their priorities and work towards short and long terms goals at their chosen pace. We’ll also work with them and their employer on safely returning to work. Looking ahead to ensure people feel supported and confident with the next steps of their journey. 

Some of our clients' stories

Emma case study

Emma, a legal officer at The Royal College of Nursing, tells her story of being the first employee in her team to share her diagnosis and how she found the strength to move forward.

James case study

James, a fibre engineer at BT,  shares his journey and explains how our cancer support helped him practically and emotionally on his road to recovery.

Tarsem case study

Tarsem, a product manager at Novartis, outlines how Reframe helped him to regain confidence during his recovery from prostate cancer.