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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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For Employers

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For Brokers

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For SME’s

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Ongoing support for your 
business and your people

Learn more about our specialist cancer support services for businesses.

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Free Resources

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Training Webinars

Report: Living & Working With Cancer

Report: Living and Working With Cancer

Webinar: Sensitive Conversations

Webinar: Sensitive Conversations


Cancer support for small and medium-sized enterprises

Specialist cancer guidance and information on hand when you need it. Affordable access to support services for businesses of any size.

Our support service for SME's

Our plan for small to medium-sized enterprises1 makes offering cancer support in your workplace affordable, so you can provide assistance to all employees that need help.

Your organisation pays an annual subscription fee based on the number of employees in your business. 

You get flexible access to support services for you and your employees - from access to cancer information, to assistance from a dedicated support team2. This means you can adapt the level of support you receive to your workforce's need and affordability.


1 For businesses 500 employees or less.
2 Access to information is included in the annual fee. Support plans are paid monthly at a discounted rate, accessed by purchasing a plan.

virtual call with cancer nurse specialist

Our plan for SME's includes:


Reframe Cancer 
Information Hub

A searchable library of information to support you and your employees
through the cancer pathway.

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  • Guidance for HR managers and line managers to support employees with cancer
  • Extensive cancer support information 
  • Guidance for employees supporting a friend or family member through cancer


The plan includes 1 free hour of support
for 50 employees.

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  • Support will be from a Cancer Nurse Specialist or Cancer Support Manager, dependent on the patient's needs
  • 1 hour of free support can be accessed per employee, up to a maximum of 50 employees
  • Additional support services can be purchased at a discounted rate

25% discount off
additional support services

Access support plans at a discounted rate.

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  • Choose to utilise the discount as an organisation, or pass it on to employees
    If you fund the cost of support for your employees, you can utilise the 25% discount as an organisation. Alternatively, if you choose not to fund support, you may pass this discount on to your employees.
  • Support plan pricing
    See the pricing table below

Get your quote

Select the number of employees in your business to review the total annual cost of your plan.

Annual fee quote

/ per year. Inc. VAT

Please call us on 0207 965 0286

Purchase the SME plan

Click 'Get started' to sign up for our SME support plan

How to sign up for support

Get started
Click the 'Get started' button above.
Enter number of employees
Select the total number of employees in your organisation.
Pay monthly or annually
Select whether you would like to pay for your plan monthly or annually. There is a 10% discount if you pay annually.
Enter your billing details
Enter your billing details to start setting up your plan. We will send you an invoice by email.
Set up your account
After you have set up payment, you will complete a form to register for your account. This is where you will enter the details about your organisation.
Choose your preferences
Choose if you would like to fund support for employees and utilise your 25% discount as an organisation, or if you want to pass on the discount to employees to access themselves. If you choose to fund support, you have the option to set a spend cap or fund as much support as your workforce needs.
Login to your dashboard
You will receive an email to set up your login to your employer dashboard.
Register employees who need support

On your dashboard, you can add employees. Once added, they'll receive an email to set up their login.

Cancer support plans

Access additional support services at a 25% discount.

You may choose to use the discount as an organisation if you will fund support for employees, or pass the discount on to employees if they will purchase support themselves.

Prices include VAT

Without plan
With SME plan
SAVE 25%

4 hour plan


saves 25%

16 hour plan


saves 25%

28 hour plan


saves 25%

Plans include:

  • Support from Cancer Nurse Specialist and Cancer Support Manager
  • Speak to the same person every time
  • Access our online patient portal3 - contact your support team and easily find the information they've sent you
  • Wellbeing assessment - to prioritise support needs in the right areas for you

Savings compared to paying for a personal support plan.

3Patient portal is included in 16 hour, 28 hour and unlimited plans

Support time includes all support activities, for example: call time with Cancer Nurse Specialist or Cancer Support Manager, time spent researching information, time on practical tasks such as form filling or chasing appointments.

We reserve the right to change our products and services prices at any time without further notice. The prices published on our website supersede and extinguish all previous oral or written prices provided.