Who is Reframe?

I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. How can Reframe help?

We’ll help you gain a better understanding of your specific cancer type and will try and answer any questions that you didn’t ask during your doctor’s appointment.

We’re also here to help you come to terms with your diagnosis and prepare you for the next steps. You can access our support whenever you need via email, phone or your personal portal which also includes live chat.

Is Reframe an emergency service?

No. We are here as an extra support system as and when you need us.

Our support team is available Monday to Friday, 9am-5:30pm (excluding bank holidays). If you need help outside of this you should contact your clinical team at the hospital, your doctor or consultant, or an emergency service.

How is Reframe different to my hospital team?

We work alongside your employer, insurer and health services (whether private or NHS) to help you navigate your journey more easily.

When you contact us your call will be taken by one of our navigators who will allocate you a Case Manager to discuss your needs and how we can help. One of our Cancer Nurse Specialists will also be on hand to make sure you understand your options and get the best possible support, from diagnosis and treatment to life after cancer.* As trained mental health first aiders, our team will listen, reassure and help you emotionally through your journey.

What’s included in my support programme?

We offer a specific set of services for each of our support programmes. Depending on your programme, you may have: a goal orientated support plan, a return-to-work programme, a second opinion and access to trusted information and sources of support.

You can use any of our services at any time during your programme with us. A full list of service features can be found in your terms and conditions.


What we do?

How much will Reframe need to know about my medical condition?

We need to know the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with. It’s helpful for our Cancer Nurse Specialist to know the stage and grade if known and what your treatment plan is. The more information you feel comfortable giving, the more accurate clinical support we can provide.

Are you able to liaise with my employer?

While we can support you in talking to your employer, we need your permission to make direct contact about your case details. We can absolutely work with you on how to talk to your line manager, colleagues or HR department to you get the support you need.

Do I have to pay for the services you arrange for me?

Any third-party services we arrange for you, e.g. counselling or complementary therapies will have to be paid for by you. But we will always try to locate free services first or utilise your private medical insurance or employee benefits.

Can Reframe find out where I am at with a hospital referral?

Yes, will happily help chase a referral. We can speak to a hospital, clinic, GP and other healthcare service on your behalf, as long as you have given us permission.

Will my information be shared with anyone?

Confidentiality is one of our main priorities. Only your designated support team will access you case details. We will never share your confidential information with any other healthcare providers, your employer or other services unless you have given specific permission for us to do so.


Partners and other services

Should I go down the NHS or private route?

Although we do not make decisions for you, we’ll be at your side to talk you through your options and help you determine the path that is right for you. This could NHS, private or a mix of both. Our services are available on whichever route you take.

How does the second opinion service work?

We will discuss with you, if and when it would be most beneficial to seek a second opinion. While we can help you find clinicians, it is up to you to decide upon a clinician to progress with. We will then do the administration of arranging and funding this for you.

How does this work alongside my private medical insurance?

While your insurance policy will help you pay for medical treatment privately, it only supports you upon diagnosis and treatment. In addition to having your treatment funded by your insurance provider, we can help you get the most from your policy by:
• coordinating health services
• listening when you’ve had a tough day
• finding the right specialists
• attending appointments
• giving you a helping hand with everyday life.

Can Reframe help me find out what benefits I am entitled to?

Yes. Depending on your programme with us, we can guide you on sourcing financial support and connect you to additional services. We’ll also ensure that you are aware of the benefits available via your employer and/or insurance provider where you may receive extra help.


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