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the Reframe teamMay 17, 2024 9:09:40 AM2 min read

Reframe Cancer partners with Amethyst Radiotherapy to support private and NHS patients

Reframe Cancer partners with Amethyst Radiotherapy to support private and NHS patients


Reframe Cancer continues growth with first fully supported patient treatment journey partnership

Reframe Cancer has launched a new partnership with Amethyst Radiotherapy to provide the first fully supported patient treatment journey for private and NHS patients pre and post Gamma Knife treatment.Ametheyst logo

Amethyst Radiotherapy use non-invasive radiosurgery Gamma Knife techniques to control malignant and non-malignant tumours in the brain. With centres in London and Sheffield they are consistently rated one of the Top Three Specialist Centres of Excellence in the world for Neurosciences or conditions of the nervous system, with a primary focus on the brain. Both centres are NHS England approved Centres of Excellence for Stereotactic Radiosurgery with a national and international reputation for world-class radiation treatment of brain tumours. They treat private individuals along with patients who are referred via the NHS at their clinics in London and Sheffield. This month, Amethyst has announced the successful upgrade of its Gamma Knife machine at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), Queen Square, in central London. The reloading of the Gamma Knife platform will improve treatment times, making therapy less onerous and allowing treatment for many more patients, reducing waiting times. With this investment, Amethyst continues to demonstrate its dedication to the highest standards of patient care.


Reframe Cancer will be supporting Amethyst Radiotherapy patients by providing personalised pre and post treatment support. This includes enhanced support to help reduce patient anxiety which can lead to missed appointments. As well as this they will provide advice and pre treatment education on the advantages of Gamma Knife therapy and practicalities such as when medication needs to be stopped and GP liaison if needed. Post treatment aftercare is also crucial, Reframe Cancer will call patients to provide emotional support and ensure they understand medication requirements and address any side effects or concerns and importantly listen to their feedback.

Mark Stephenson, Reframe Cancer CEO commented: "We're thrilled to partner with Amethyst Radiotherapy. Their dedication to patient care and service excellence aligns perfectly with our vision. This collaboration allows us to showcase the value we bring to clinical settings, not just through our exceptional cancer nurse specialists, but also by demonstrating the positive impact on patient outcomes. We've already received positive feedback from the first patients, mirroring the exceptional experiences reported by those we support through employer and insurer partnerships.”

Sophie Ward Amethyst Group CMO commented: “We are excited about our partnership with Reframe Cancer. It is heartening to listen to the positive feedback from Reframe patients, reflecting the exceptional experience delivered. Patient care is at the core of Amethyst’s mission, so aligning with Reframe vision feels like a natural fit. We are eager to collaborate and showcase the combined value we can bring to clinical settings.”

Roy McLoughlin, Director at Cavendish Ware commented: “It’s great to see this kind of clinical expertise and wrap around support being offered to NHS and private cancer patients. Hopefully, we will see this flexible, added service be added to more PMI policies in the future.”