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the Reframe teamFeb 16, 2024 4:50:58 PM1 min read

'They Just get me'

Each month, the team at Reframe Cancer conduct a Patient and Public Involvement group with a selection of people we have supported through their cancer journey. 

These groups are important opportunities for us to gather feedback and hear from patients about their ideas for service improvements and changes.

The points raised are always far reaching and help the Reframe team to better understand the challenges that cancer patients face. These included frustrations with long distance travel for treatment, diagnostic delays and navigating the treatment received from the NHS and Private care. 

As we support people from all over the UK with a wide variety of cancer types the points raised allow us to better understand frustrations and adapt the support we provide to ensure we have maximum impact.

We were also really pleased to receive some feedback on our services. This included:

  • “I have had a really positive experience and my nurse is always there when I need her”
  • “Reframe have been brilliant, I was so frustrated. It was impossible to get hold of consultants and you are told to go via their secretary and then you find out that the secretary only works on a Wednesday. That’s where the support has been so helpful, chasing the appointments, helping me get things sorted”
  • “The private sector make me feel like a customer but Reframe make me feel like a patient”
  • “I just ticked the box when I saw it, I thought it would be rubbish but I am so glad I ticked that box. I am not a talker so I use the chat function but it has been brilliant”
  • “The chat has been fantastic to use as a sense checker, it allows me to check that I heard things right. I get advice and tips on how to live life better and if I need to find out about anything, there is an immediate response”
  • “I had access to reframe via my work and it has been a godsend. I am the type of person to leave things so being able to drop things into the chat has been really helpful/ I don’t want to make a fuss and using the chat helps me ask things I wouldn’t want to ask in a conversation”
  • “They just get me”