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Employee benefits consultants

Deliver innovative and exciting solutions to your clients

Attract, protect and retain your valuable clients

Enhance your offering and reinforce your long-term value with our unrivalled support programmes. Reframe can help your clients align their people management and employee engagement strategies with business results. Our innovative services provide proactive and ongoing support for people experiencing or caring for someone during a sudden and life-changing health event.

Partner with Reframe and reap the benefits:

  • Increase engagement and utilisation of offering
  • Accelerate new business revenue and client growth
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a modern workforce
  • Strengthen and evolve your offering
  • Enhance reputation as a trusted and novel employee benefit consultant

Standard benefits no longer support today’s employees’ needs

There is a huge range of health and employee wellbeing benefits for organisations to choose from. As trusted consultants, you play a significant role in tailoring benefit packages and presenting innovative solutions to your clients.

You’ll only be too aware that today’s workforce expects more from health benefits. We recognise that employees want more personalisation, connectivity and sophistication. Some benefits are geared to a specific need like diagnostic testing, helpline and treatment funding and fail to connect with wider benefits and resources outside of work.

There is also a gap in the benefits market for the provision of short-term and unforeseen health events such as gallbladder problems, stroke or planned diagnostic or surgical procedures. Reframe’s services provide a proactive, timely and ongoing solution that can coordinate and connect other benefits.

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Strengthen your offering, reinforce your value and drive revenue

Our team of experts can keep you up to date on the latest health benefits and wellbeing trends. We can help you identify gaps in your clients’ existing employee benefits provision, enabling you to add value outside of the typical employee benefit windows. Our high-value services provide a universal and scalable benefit, attractive to employers and their employees across all sectors.

Reinforce your long-term value with our unique employee benefits that are specifically designed to meet the health and wellbeing challenges faced by today’s workforce. Reframe empowers individuals to achieve the personal goals that will give them the resilience to work through the challenge they face. For example, they may have lost their sense of identity, be unable to walk the dog or be unsure of what holiday insurance they need.

Your reputation is incredibly important to us. As your partner, we will deliver outstanding service and customer experience to you, your clients and their employees.

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Benefits to your clients

Our flexible and personal services help organisations to promote a healthy workplace culture that attracts top talent and increases employee retention. With our help, your clients can manage uncertainty in the workplace, support employee recovery, deliver a return-to-work plan and be prepared for unexpected health or life events.

  • Boost workforce motivation and productivity
  • Create a resilient and forward-thinking culture
  • Minimise the burden often placed on HR and managers
  • Reduce staff turnover and sickness absence
  • Reduce the impact of sudden health events on the bottom line
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