The road to normality can be difficult, but we’ll make it easier

If one of your employees is diagnosed with cancer, we make sure that you can provide critical support and a personalised response – transforming their life for the better.

The care that your people receive goes beyond treatment. We provide clinical, practical and emotional support that helps overcome side effects not often considered like stigma or a change in their quality of life. And we help them cope better mentally and physically – so they can continue working or are able to return to work sooner if they choose.

Our bespoke platform and 24-month support programme enable employees to get quicker access to personalised support from a dedicated case manager and our in-house nurses during their cancer diagnosis, treatment and beyond:

Information line

We’re here to help people diagnosed with cancer find the best way forward. And although it can require a complex response, we make the experience as simple as possible. Our information line provides immediate support for employees who want to understand a diagnosis and the symptoms they could expect.

Cancer support programme

We believe that the individual should be at the centre of their care – that it’s fundamental to their recovery. Our 24-month support programme is tailored to the needs of every individual. A dedicated case manager will capture the full picture including their emotional wellbeing and needs, lifestyle, home life and employment.

We’re on their side, ensuring that they are involved and empowered to make decisions surrounding their care. Our Cancer Nurse Specialists are here to simplify the clinical world, prepare employees for treatment, suggest ways to manage their symptoms and advise on their post treatment options.

How we make a difference

An employee might be struggling with the side effects of treatment, which can often change their physical appearance including hair loss, weight gain and body scarring, leaving them feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Our support team will pick them up when they are down and let them know that they’re not alone. We can recommend support groups, complementary therapists or even wig specialists so they feel confident to carry on. It’s these extraordinary moments that make a real difference.

Following my treatment, I found myself needing the toilet more frequently and often had to explain my situation to complete strangers. Pre-empting my symptoms, my case manager proactively sourced a radar key so I could access public toilets immediately – enabling me to take back control and to continue living my life as I did before. I was more confident to go out in public knowing that I had a solution should I need.”

*Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent Tarsem.

Benefits of Cancer Support Programme

We help your employees to get access to the best care available, so they can continue to work during and post treatment if they choose.

With us at their side, they have the confidence to manage their transition between diagnosis, treatment and getting back to normality. And for those circumstances where this isn’t always possible, we can support individuals, their family and your company with whatever the future brings.

We can help you shape and deliver an effective critical care strategy – removing the burden from your HR team and line managers.

  • Access a low cost, high value benefit
  • In the face of cancer, provide support that helps your employees stay at work for longer and get back to normality faster.
  • Empower your HR team and line managers with knowledge about how to manage a cancer diagnosis in the organisation.
  • Provide comprehensive support for both pre-and post-treatment to your entire workforce, plugging gaps in existing benefits.
  • Ensure your organisation is at the cutting edge of employee benefits, providing a level of support fit for the changing shape of critical illness.

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