Today’s job market is more competitive than ever.

To attract and retain the best talent you need to stand out, offering benefits packages that make people sit up and take notice.

By investing in your people and offering unique and valuable benefits that go beyond traditional private medical insurance, you can become an employer of choice.

Employee healthcare needs are changing. Your response must too.

As chronic and critical illnesses become more prevalent, people are increasingly looking to their employers to fill gaps in healthcare and private medical insurance – providing resources and benefits that help support their lives.

The best organisations understand that their performance is dependent on people and without offering the right kind of incentives, they won’t attract talent that lets them compete at the highest level.

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A more attractive package

We help you nurture talent – offering a personalised support that puts employees’ needs at the heart of their wellbeing and rewards package. It’s a different approach to chronic and critical healthcare that helps people better navigate their care and cope with the psychological and physical impact of life-changing disease.

We provide a highly individualised, unique benefit that’s growing in importance to working people. We help your organisation recognise what’s important to people today and respond in a way that meets their changing needs. By transforming how your people experience chronic and critical illness, we’ll help your organisation acquire the best talent – and keep them longer.

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Cancer support programme

Complex diseases like cancer demand a nuanced and personalised response. We’re here to put people back in control – connecting them to the best expertise available and clarifying diagnosis and treatment options.

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Carer support programme

The life of a carer is a constant juggling act. Their needs are often forgotten. We help ease their burden – putting a programme in place so they can continue to work, preserve their health, and act as a second pair of hands for their day-to-day responsibilities.

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Enabling a busy mum to live life as usual.

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