Attract and retain valuable customers

Get closer to your customers, increase the frequency of your engagement and ultimately, sustain customer loyalty by offering an individualised, holistic, and timely policy. We help leading insurers attract and retain valuable customers by delivering proactive and ongoing support for unexpected and life-changing health events.

Insurance providers who partner with Reframe benefit from increased customer touchpoints — we enable your brand to engage with customers outside of their claim — resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention (with our long-term support programmes).

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Benefits for you:

  • Enhance your proposition and create a competitive advantage
  • Deliver a high performing and profitable portfolio
  • Grow and protect your customer base
  • Demonstrate value to policyholders beyond a claim or premium
  • Streamline and simplify the claims management process
  • Enhance your business image by providing holistic support

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Strengthen and differentiate your protection proposition

Present an innovative solution to rising industry pressures, in particular, minimising the reduced appetite for high-value policies. By partnering with us, you can deliver a more holistic proposition for today’s health demands.

Health services in the UK are experiencing longer delays in diagnostic testing and treatment, as well as overstretched support services as a result of the pandemic. These services focus on fulfilling individuals’ clinical needs and often leave their personal goals and more practical needs unmet.

Our hyperpersonalised approach helps policyholders regain control and recover faster from unexpected and life-changing health events. Our Resilience Framework is embedded onto our programmes to ensure their practical, professional and personal needs are met and maintained. A dedicated team helps them access the support they need, reducing the stress and anxiety of navigating these services alone.

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Protect and enhance your portfolio

Reframe’s innovative and unrivalled solution provides the personalisation, connectivity and flexibility that your customers expect – demonstrating that you understand their needs today, and tomorrow. Our programmes support a vast range of health events, enabling you to provide on-demand cover, broaden your customer base and enhance your portfolio.

When individuals face a life-changing health event, we step in to coordinate health services and focus on their personal goals – reducing their worries about going through the NHS or private, who will look after their family during treatment, or if they will continue to work?

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An innovative healthcare solution for your customers

We partner with some of the most prominent organisations and healthcare providers in the country — with over 880,000 individuals having access to our support. Our unrivalled services wrap around your insurance products to protect and prepare your customers if faced with an unexpected or life-changing health event.

Whether navigating the NHS, or private health services, our experienced team is on hand to streamline your claims management process, while continuing to deliver a seamless experience for your customers.

Reframe health care programme

Benefits for your customers:

  • A proactive team that provides practical support, coordinating and connecting policyholders to services and resources
  • Professional help to navigate the UK’s healthcare system (private and NHS)
  • Access to our world-renowned clinical network
  • Holistic support to help them cope better and speed the path back to health and wellness (where possible)
  • Exceptional value for money
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Bridget Jones meets cancer

“I didn’t expect to receive a paid-service like this from employer and being able to run my questions and worries past my Reframe team filled me with confidence and that I wasn’t being silly. The ongoing support helped me remain optimistic and achieve my goals at my own pace, exceeding all my expectations”

Emma, The Royal College of Nursing


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