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Carer Support Programme

Carer Support Programme

Who cares for the carer?

We’re setting a benchmark for organisations by easing the burden on employee-carers

From attending medical appointments, to assisting with intimate personal care or picking up children – the life of a carer is a constant juggling act. And somewhere in between they need to keep up with their own job.

They often don’t think of themselves as a carer, putting the needs of others before their own. It’s only natural for employee-carers to feel stressed and completely overwhelmed – finding their situation unmanageable.

We help ease their burden – putting a programme of support in place to help them cope better and ultimately sustain their working life. We help employees understand what they’re dealing with, prioritise their time and even address practical needs – like finding a childminder if they need one.

How we deliver the programme

Our bespoke platform and support plan enable employees to get guidance and practical support from a dedicated case manager:

Information Hub

We understand that most carers are in control and are coping well with their new-found responsibility, however, they are individuals with demanding lifestyles.

Our Information Hub is designed to support people caring who have an immediate need or a specific question. Providing reliable information and practical support at their fingertips.

Carer support programme

We provide a dedicated support plan for those people caring for a loved one when they don’t know where to turn or how to cope. We take the time to get to know the individual, understanding their needs and concerns – from their mental wellbeing and personal situation to their employment and home-life.

Our Case Managers share the burden of their caring responsibilities – acting as a second pair of hands. They ensure that the employee remains at the heart of the care plan, continually reviewing their needs and making sure they feel completely supported.

How we make a difference

When their world falls apart, we’ll move the earth for them

Together, we can help you empower your employees to take control of their own lives. So if they’re caring for a loved one, it’s not at the cost of their own health.

The burden of being a carer can have a tremendous impact on an employee’s mental health and lifestyle – whether they are just doing their bit to help or looking after a loved one on a more regular basis. And they still have their job to balance.

As an employer, you can help ease the strain on your employees so they are able to remain productive at work, can continue with their normal responsibilities and still feel like a valued employee.

Ensuring life doesn’t stop

For example, an employee may be thinking of going on holiday and is confused about travel insurance or looking for a destination that has appropriate care facilities. We’d recommend a selection of insurance providers and give them questions to ask to get the best insurance and hotels or places to stay. It’s about giving them clarity and the confidence to go away.

We get to know the individual inside and out. We’re here to listen and be an advocate for their needs. If required, we can arrange access to beneficial services and sources of support such as transport to and from appointments, benefit entitlement, nutrition and respite care.

“Reframe reminded me that I should come first. Their on-going support and guidance ensured my recovery plan focused on my personal goals and I’m now in a much better place.”

Tarsem, a Reframe client.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent Tarsem.
Tarsem’s Story

Benefits of our Carer Support Programme

We help organisations transform how their people cope when they are caring for someone they love – reducing the burden on both the individual and the organisation.

We ensure that you can provide appropriate support and care to your people – helping to keep the best talent and reducing your risk when the worst happens.

  • Access a low cost, high value benefit
  • Stand out from your competition by relieving the psychological and physical strain of caring for someone.
  • Help employees stay at work for longer and get back to normality faster when they are caring for a loved one.
  • Help your HR teams and line managers better understand the role of a carer and support your people.
  • Provide an inclusive benefit for your entire workforce that sets you apart.

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