Colvin’s employer provides a lot of support for employees covering a range of health and wellbeing issues, however when diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was unable to get access to the specialised support such as Reframe. As part of his wife’s insurance policy through Unum, Colvin was able to register for our 24-month cancer support programme.

Read on to find out why Colvin thinks more organisations need to invest and provide a depth of support like this to help their employees through overwhelming times.

“I think it would be an advantage if all of my colleagues had access to this type of support. We have a high percentage of male workers and I’ve taken it upon myself to increase awareness of prostate cancer, encouraging them to check themselves and seek advice if they are concerned.

The NHS are incredibly overwhelmed and can only assign a finite amount of time and resource to each person undergoing treatment. Reframe were both a listening ear and supporter which I wouldn’t have received anywhere else. My dedicated support team included a case manager who was my day-to-day contact and a specialist nurse. They helped me return to work at my own pace and sourced me with a universal toilet card and radar key. All of which enabled me to continue working, travelling and attending business meetings with confidence.

The information and resources I received from my team at Reframe were fantastic. This additional help meant a lot and gave me the confidence to tackle my cancer journey with positivity.”

*Any images used are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent Colvin or his prostate cancer journey.

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