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the Reframe teamMay 13, 2020 2:39:12 PM2 min read

Press release

Senior appointment at Reframe with new Chief Information Officer

Paul Bishop has previously worked with high profile brands including Dunlop, Walt Disney , BUPA and Equinix and brings together a background and skill set that fit perfectly with the Reframe healthcare challenge.

Reframe was set up in 2012 to support hundreds of thousands of UK employees living with long-term illnesses or caring for somebody in their lives, be it a vulnerable neighbour or elderly relative.

Its network of more than 200 clinicians, case managers and nurses support individuals in coming to terms with a serious health condition. They do this by helping them to navigate a complex and daunting healthcare system, while providing holistic practical, clinical and emotional support to maintain quality of life and continue to work where possible.

Paul says that this is a truly unique time to witness technology absolutely revolutionise how we access healthcare:

“We’re used to technology making things like banking and booking holidays easier but the current pandemic has seen this accelerate how we use technology more effectively in many more areas including healthcare.

Who would have thought a few months ago that we’d all be working from home or that more than 85% of us would be booking virtual GP appointments when this time last year less than 1% were not face to face? Circumstances have meant that, as a society, we’re ripping up the rule book in how we interact with healthcare professionals and we’re seeing how the digitalisation of healthcare can actually drive quality connectivity and interaction.

My first focus at Reframe is to further improve and extend our service platform. The vision for this is to provide people with simple and real-time access to resources that are needed, when they are needed – the right healthcare shouldn’t be about relationships and influence. We offer a very human, personalised, caring service, but technology is a major focus for us to enable this support on a large scale, ensuring our clients have the information they need, in real time, at their fingertips.”

Each year 120,000 employees are diagnosed with cancer and this can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, low self-esteem and fatigue. Reframe was set up to support organisations in guiding valued team members through this journey and help those affected handle the impact of a diagnosis on their work and personal lives.

Malcolm Cairns, CEO at Reframe, welcomes Paul’s appointment and says his expertise will be crucial to help the business continue to innovate and drive future investment in technology within healthcare:

“Reframe’s values are based on providing care with the individual at the heart of everything we do. In order to succeed for our clients and customers, technology plays a huge role.

The UK healthcare system is extremely complex and patients have a huge amount of data and information to process when they receive a life-changing diagnosis – it’s hard to know what questions to ask or what your treatment journey looks like. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our provision to carers who often shoulder the burden of a long term illness while holding down a full time job.

Paul’s focus on enabling us to use technology to enhance the support we can offer to both parties is absolutely key to our future success and growth.”