A diagnosis can be overwhelming for both the individual and for those providing care. As a business, you want to do the best for your people but you might not always have the resources or expertise to help in the way you’d like.

As leaders in cancer support, we recognise that everyone’s journey is unique. We also believe that, to achieve the best possible outcome, individuals need to understand and to be involved in the decisions surrounding their care. We tailor our services to provide that support where it is needed, giving people greater choice and control over their journey.

Who do we work with?

Through our partnerships with leading businesses and health organisations, we're making cancer support accessible to as many people as possible.


We help employers from all sectors provide the best possible care for their people, supporting them if they choose to stay at work or helping them return to work sooner.


We help health insurers provide 1-on-1 specialist support for their policyholders, helping them understand their options and greatly enhancing their healthcare experience.


We help partners expand their market reach and understanding of health pathways, delivering value-added services and benefits to our clients.

Why work with us?

We offer powerful insight and intelligence to aid your understanding of individual pathways and the external factors that influence people’s outcomes.

This enables you to really understand what support is most helpful to your people at each stage of their journey.

Not to mention mitigating business risk and reducing health-related costs.

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Our services

Delivered by a dedicated Reframer and a personalised portal (dependent on the programme)

cancer support programme

Cancer Support Programme

An ongoing service supporting people through every stage of their journey. Whether diagnosed with cancer, concerned about a symptom, undergoing treatment or in remission.

cancer carer programme

Carer Support Programme

A unique service helping to ease the burden of caring for a loved one. Whether they’re looking for trusted information, want someone to talk to, or need help to balance everything.

Reframe Access Programme

Access Programme

A timely service making sure people have the guidance they need at any step of their journey. Whether they’re worried about a diagnosis, have a question, or are looking for trusted resources and local services.

What our customers say about us


Glenn Thompson, Chief Distribution Officer

“Reframe works alongside the vital hands-on medical treatment necessary to treat cancer, offering much-needed practical and emotional assistance which can reassure cancer patients at a very difficult time. That’s why critical illness cover is so important – it makes it much easier for people to get protected.”

Rugby Football Union

Mark Fowkes, Reward Business Partner

“I believe Reframe has definitely filled an important gap in the market with regards to their cancer offering. It is such a rare and personalised benefit that provides support, both practically and emotionally. We have had nothing but positive feedback from those who have used the scheme.”

Leaders in cancer support

880k individuals protected
500+ top UK companies
99% client satisfaction
450+ nationwide clinicians


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