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Employee Wellbeing for your business

Employee Wellbeing for your business

When it comes to looking after your employees, are you seeing the whole picture?

Facing up to employee health risks

According to Macmillan, over 120,000 employees are diagnosed with cancer every year. And 700,000 employees are caring for someone with cancer. Employers increasingly need more comprehensive support for their employees to fill the current gap in care and support.



Performance & productivity depends on the health of your workforce

We reframe workplace benefits by placing the individual at the centre of their care. We focus on all aspects of their health and wellbeing – physical, mental, social – their relationships and working environment to ensure their care is tailored and works as best as it possibly can. We manage and reduce organisational risk – providing clinical, practical and emotional support that can help keep employees working and get them back to normality faster.

It’s the kind of personalised support that other forms of health benefits fail to match, setting your organisation apart and helping you be there for your people, exactly when they need it most.

Our Services

Cancer support programme

Complex diseases like cancer demand a nuanced and personalised response. We’re here to put people back in control – connecting them to the best expertise available and clarifying diagnosis and treatment options.

Carer support programme

The life of a carer is a constant juggling act. Their needs are often forgotten. We help ease their burden – putting a programme in place so they can continue to work, preserve their health, and act as a second pair of hands for their day-to-day responsibilities.

“Reframe reminded me that I should come first. Their on-going support and guidance ensured my recovery plan focused on my personal goals and I’m now in a much better place.”

Tarsem, a Reframe client.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent Tarsem.


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