Business case

We've put together all the evidence and information you need to form a business case for supporting employees with cancer.

Avoiding a cancer catastrophe

Avoiding the cancer catastrophe

We analyse the state of cancer in the workplace and get to the crux of issues faced by employers in the current healthcare landscape.

Utilising employee benefits to drive ROI

We look at the awareness, relevance and utilisation of employee benefits in today's workforce, and how this influences ROI.

Protecting employee wellbeing during and after COVID

Our playbook looks at the benefits of a healthy, well-supported workforce and shows you how you can enhance and sustain your team's wellbeing during and after COVID-19.

Measuring ROI on employee benefits

This guide will help you find a way forward to measure ROI on employee benefits, check that you are measuring what matters, and if your current approach is right.

The cancer crisis

Our eBook analyses the cancer crisis affecting the UK workforce, uncovers the impact of cancer diagnoses on carers and the wider team, and looks at COVID's impact on cancer care.

Cancer at work

Our infographic uncovers the impact of COVID on cancer and the disconnect between employers approach and the support employees value.

An avid triathlete

Antonio, a customer support director at Ivanti Software shares his cancer story

A multi-tasking mum

Emma, a legal officer at The Royal College of Nursing shares her cancer story


James, a fibre engineer at BT shares his cancer story

Supporting carers in the workplace

Reframe film: Our story and vision

Hidden health concerns at works

Our infographic uncovers the impact of COVID on the health and wellbeing of employees.

Employee Benefits ROI

Our infographic explores the utilisation and perception of employee benefits and how greater ROI can be achieved.

Cost of cancer in the workplace

Our infographic looks at the cost of cancer on businesses, showing the impact of a cancer diagnosis on your people and bottom line.

Carer Support Programme

Cancer Support Programme

Access Support Programme

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