Everyone’s experience is unique.

Whether you have come to terms with your diagnosis quickly or you’re frustrated that life is not the same, it’s ok to feel way you do.

Our support team are all trained mental health first aiders. We’re here to listen, reassure and help you through the emotional toll that a cancer journey can have on your wellbeing. Some of us have roots in the NHS, some come from private medical providers. Collectively we understand how to make the healthcare system work in your best interest. 


Meet Lorraine


One of our Case Managers at Reframe

“Life is not always the same after cancer. While many of my clients expect things to go back to the way they were, some still feel unwell and struggle to resume their old routines. I work alongside my clients to help them and their families prepare for the next steps of their journey.”

Client Support Navigators

Your first point of contact

For immediate concerns and to identify initial support or information that you may need.

Understand your situation and recommend the most appropriate path of support for you.

Guide you through the registration process at your own pace.

Answer questions, share trusted information and point you in the right direction.

Arrange fast-track diagnostic testing if you’re worried about a symptom or lump.

Case Managers

Your main contact

Build a trusted relationship as your main point of contact throughout your journey.

Understand what matters most to you and set goals to work towards.

Determine the areas of your life that need support, such as your home and work, your family and social life, and your mind and body.

Find and share local services and resources that we trust.

Take care of practical things including travel arrangements, child support, complementary therapy and will writing.

Discuss your options if you need a second opinion.

Liaise with your hospital to follow up on medical records, x-rays, scan results and to chase appointments.

Prepare you for your return to work and liaise with your employer if need be.

Cancer Nurse Specialists

Expert contact if you need

Recommend ways to manage symptoms, side effects and wound care.

Translate medical jargon and explain how other healthcare professionals can be involved in your journey.

Explain medical procedures and prepare you for appointments and treatment.

Attend your second opinion appointment to advocate for you, take notes and send a summary of the consultation afterwards.

Ensure fertility issues have been covered before treatment and help with conversations after.

Recommend a reputable nutritionist if you need.

What our clients say about us

Emma, a Legal Officer at the Royal College of Nursing

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to phone Reframe. I thought it might be one more thing of many I had to do, but I’m so glad I did.”

Tarsem, a Product Manager at Novartis

“It was useful to speak to someone who is subjective, helps me see things from a different perspective and clarity things.”