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Been diagnosed with cancer? What to do next…

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer it can be difficult to know where to begin. The first thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different. Whether you...

Cancer at work [infographic]

Cancer at work is an important issue. Our infographic looks at why diffusing the cancer timebomb should be a priority for HR.

Living with prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in the UK and survival rates are considered generally high. It’s more common among men over the age of...

70% are worried about survival chances

Research reveals the critical role employee benefit packages play in attracting and retaining talent.

Press release: RFU expansion

Reframe announces a new three-year extension and service expansion with the RFU for cancer support. October 2021 In addition to renewing their current cancer service with Reframe, the Rugby Football...

Breast cancer awareness month: Q&A with Rebecca Minton

Rebecca Minton, Cancer Nurse Specialist at Reframe, shares her thoughts on breast cancer and how it’s been impacted by COVID. Having trained at the Royal Marsden, Bex (as we know...

Infographic: The cost of cancer in the workplace

Our infographic is a snapshot of recent research, equipping you with an understanding of how cancer could impact you and the wider business.

5 pillars of employee wellbeing

An effective employee wellbeing strategy should address the five pillars of wellbeing: physical, social, emotional, financial & professional.

Employee benefit packages are the key to top talent

Research reveals the critical role employee benefit packages play in attracting and retaining talent.

How a hyperpersonal approach to employee benefits drives ROI

Research reveals personalisation is a key trend for driving ROI on employee benefits, delivering greater cost efficiency and employee engagement.

How has COVID-19 impacted employee benefits?

We look at COVID-19's impact on the working population and ask: Are employee benefits still fit for purpose in a post-COVID world?

Employee needs continue to change due to overstretched health services

With health services impacted by COVID, employees may need additional help and look to their employer and benefits package to provide this.

Designing inclusive employee benefits for the good of everyone

Inclusive employee benefits are the bedrock of a strong diversity and inclusion agenda, recognising and supporting your entire workforce.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: Designing inclusive employee benefits

Diversity and inclusion are key to a successful business and can be supported through the design of inclusive employee benefits.

Catherine McDermott joins Reframe as CEO

Catherine McDermott, former McKesson and Amazon Director, will focus on expanding Reframe's position in the digital health space.

How to achieve ROI from your employee benefits package

Maximise the value of your employee benefits package on payroll costs. We look at how to measure return on investment (ROI).

The challenges of measuring ROI from your employee benefits package

Are you struggling to measure ROI on your employee benefits package? You’re not alone. Find out why it’s important and how to overcome this.

Employee benefits: Increasing ROI for employers

New research finds employee benefits are underutilised, but greater ROI can be achieved through understanding employee demands.

The human touch mustn’t be lost in digital healthcare

Research reveals the critical role employee benefit packages play in attracting and retaining talent.

How to boost mental health following the January blues

Mental health continues to rise up the agenda for business leaders with COVID-19 accelerating the rise in work-related mental health issues.

How can workforce resilience boost your organisation through COVID?

Your organisation is continuing to handle COVID-19 as it evolves, but as you continue to adapt your business operations, how are you supporting the individuals in your organisation?

HR leaders urged to reconsider their employee wellbeing strategy for 2021

Now, more than ever, HR must take the lead and help their organisation avoid a New Year dip as employees return to work, but still not to normal.

How to support employee wellbeing during COVID-19

Our top tips on how to support employee wellbeing during COVID-19 and build a resilient workplace.

Millennial carers: the hidden community

Millennials have often been dubbed the snowflake generation, but set aside anything you’ve heard about this group (who may, or may not, like to take photos of their avo’ for...

Carers Week: a chat with Rebecca Minton

Rebecca Minton Cancer Nurse Specialist at Reframe, provides her take on the role of carers, the future of healthcare and why carers may be mourning for more than their loved...

HR checklist

Guidance on how to support employees who are, or will become carers A carer can be anyone, of any age, who provides unpaid support to someone who is ill, disabled...

Infographic: Employee health concerns at work

New research reveals an increase in employee health concerns at work The pandemic has led to an increase in employee concern about discussing mental health and long-term illness in the...

Impact of caring on mental wellbeing

Lockdown, isolation and remote working are all factors impacting mental wellbeing at the moment. But what if you are also an unpaid carer? Since lockdown began, the number of people...

Dealing with bereavement at work

Talking about death is still an uncomfortable discussion, especially in the workplace. Read our article detailing how you can break this process down into steps and provide support for your...

A toolbox of ideas for supporting furloughed staff

An abundance of employees and employers are normalising to the recent furlough measures. Here are a few ways in which employers can support their furloughed staff through this time. Everyone...

Protecting mental wellbeing amidst Covid 19

Advice and tips for supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing during Coronavirus (COVID 19). For those who have been able to switch to remote working, you’re now approaching week 3 and...

Support for employees with critical illness: 3 tips for your business

In this time of overwhelming change and challenges, workplace support for vulnerable employees can sometimes be forgotten. Our team of health and wellbeing professionals have collated three tips to help...

Supporting employees through COVID-19

A guide on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cycle businesses will go through to develop a new way of working and tips on supporting employees who are living with critical illness or...

We’re here to help you through this.

This past week has been one of change and uncertainty with COVID-19 continuing to bring anxiety and disruption across the UK. The workplace is seeing a monumental shift in how...

Wellbeing at work: new decade, new approach.

Wellbeing at work has gained immense traction over the past decade and many companies have strategies in place to varying degrees but like all things, these need to evolve. In...

How is technology transforming healthcare?

Industries like retail, hospitality and banking have seen a complete transformation in relation to self-service and customer experience, but the healthcare industry still lags behind...

We’ve rebranded as Reframe

We're still the same company, but with more space to go. And we're excited to share our rebrand updates and why we made them.

The use of gamification in employee wellbeing

Our very own CEO, Malcolm Cairns takes the hot seat in our latest Q&A. How is gamification currently being used to help...

Managing cancer in the workplace: Are your line managers prepared?

We believe in helping people to take control of their own health, and ensuring that everyone has reliable health information...

Wellbeing at work: trends report 2019

This summer we’re seeing employee benefits swing further towards wellbeing. Organisations have started to take...


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